Travel Essentials - Bali


Bali essentials

If you've read my previous post, you would have known that I took a short trip to Bali in June. Here are some of my 'must have' items that I have brought along with me and several tips on how I packed for my trip!

1) Duffle Bag
I prefer a duffle bag compared to a luggage when traveling to nearby countries. It is much convenient to have a duffle bag on your shoulder than to have a luggage (considering roads in Bali are pretty uneven).

2) Small backpack
A small backpack comes in handy when you constantly need to reach for items in your bag such as your passport, wallet, water bottle and etc.

3) Camera - Canon G7X
Though smartphone cameras capture pretty high quality images, I would rather have a separate device to capture images or record videos. It prevents me from draining the battery of my phone. One function that I love about the Canon G7X is the ability to transfer images from the camera to my phone through the Camera Connect App. What I love most about the Canon G7X is the quality of videos it can produce.

4) Face products
Being out in the sun majority of my time there in bali, I have to keep my face protected from the harmful UV rays! Having the Laneige BB Cushion - Pore Control keeps me protected and helps me stay matte throughout the day! Also, I must have facial cleansing cloths with me whenever I travel. I can easily remove all the dirt and impurities I have on my face at the end of the day.

5) Bikini(s)
One bikini for a 7-days trip to Bali is not enough for me. On this particular trip, I packed 5 pairs of bikinis. Out of the 5 bikinis that I brought, one of which must have to be in a bandeau style. Having a bandeau style bikini can prevent you from getting ugly tan lines!

6) Sunglasses
Majority of the motorbike rental services do not provide helmets with face shield, protecting your eyes from dusts and strong winds. Hence, you will find yourself having difficulties opening your eyes if you do not have your sunglasses on. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays!

7) Denim Shorts
Having a good pair of denim shorts is an essential for me. You can easily slip them on after a day at the beach!

I hope this post gave you a tip or two when you're packing for a trip to Bali!


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