Planning a 21st Birthday Party


If you have seen my Instagram, you would have known that I celebrated my 21st Birthday in July. Here are some tips and guides to planning a 21st!

1) Start early 
Planning a 21st birthday party takes a lot of time and effort. I started planning for my 21st 3 months before the actual date. Give yourself enough time to think about your budget and invitation list! Make a to-do list in your phone to help you ensure that you've got everything done. The first item on my to-do list was to book a venue. Accommodations and venues fill up pretty fast, especially on weekends, so start planning early! I held my 21st at Aranda Country Club.

2) What would you like your party theme to be? 
A theme is not necessary, but it would help your guests decide on what they should wear to your party. It also helps you when deciding on the decorations for your party. I went with a Black & White floral theme and have listed where I got the majority of my decorations from, in the image below.

3) When to send out invitations? 
Send out your invitations about a month before to let them know in advance that you will be celebrating your 21st. This allows them to set aside time to attend your party. Also, don't forget to request for RSVP 1-2 weeks before the party. It will help you when you are placing orders for the buffet, cake and drinks.

4) Ordering food, drinks and the cake 
When placing your order for buffet, keep in mind that not everyone will be eating. I had about 50 guests attending and I placed a buffet order for 30 pax. I still had about 1/4 food left by the end of the night. Hence, ordering lesser food allows me to spend more on the drinks ! Majority of the bakeries requires you to place your order at least 2-3 weeks before the day of your party. Especially customised designs. Bakeries can easily be found on Instagram! My cake was from Edith Patisserie.

5) Setting up 
Get plenty of rest the night before and be prepared to spend hours setting up on the day of your party. Get a few friends to help you when setting up! Extra pairs of hands will help you speed things up and also make sure everything is in place before your guests arrive!

Birthday Planning

Note: If any of you are wondering where the flowers around the balloons are from, they're actually hand made by a close friend of mine and I. All you need is a tutorial video, template for the petals, scissors and a hot glue gun! 

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