Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


2016 is almost over and I must say, this year is a year filled with changes and adventures. 

This year, I graduated from Polytechnic. I must say, graduating from somewhere I've experienced and have grown so much from was a little hard to let go. From having fun in camps to countless overnight sessions with my project mates definitely made my learning journey a memorable one. 

This year, I travelled and get to see a glimpse of how beautiful the world is. From layering myself with outerwears to wishing the Sun would be a little less harsh on us. Travelling was definitely a bonus for 2016 and it is what I hope I could do more of in 2017. (before adult life kicks in)

This year, I took a leap of faith and started this blog. I have been procrastinating this idea of mine for many months. Being able to create creative content was an aspiration and graphic designing has always been a passion of mine. Receiving compliments were bonuses, satisfying and motivating. 

This year, I enrolled myself into a University and started school. An environment which I am not used to was challenging. I no longer look forward to school (considering I had to travel up to 3 hours a day, to and fro). I am thankful and blessed to have friends I made in Polytechnic motivating me. 

This year, I learnt to treasure a little more, give a little more and most importantly, love a little more. I never knew how blessed one could be in a relationship and I am grateful to have someone motivating and inspiring me to be a better person every day. 

In 2017,
I hope to grow as an individual and be a better person every day,
I hope to experience greater things life has to offer,
I hope to travel and see beautiful places the world has,
I hope to be more motivated and procrastinate less,
I hope to have a little more confidence in myself,
I hope to treasure, give and love even more, and 
I hope everyone around me to be happy, loved and healthy!

Happy New Year Everyone! 


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